Jordan's launch new range of environmental searches

Jordan’s the conveyancing search provider have issued a press release indicating that they have launched a new range of environmental reports.  The release is covered in full below.
More than ten years on from the launch of environmental reports into the conveyancing market what impact has Part IIA actually had? What is being changed? And what are the real issues facing today’s property professionals?
These are the questions Chartered Environmental Surveyors, Wilbourn Associates and leading conveyancing search provider, Jordans Property, have asked.
Since The Law Society issued its Warning Card on contaminated land, few sites have been designated contaminated land and flooding is now seen as the more serious environmental risk factor.
According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) up to 200,000 homes in England and Wales may struggle to obtain adequate flood insurance after June 2013. This is when the insurance industry’s voluntary flood agreement with the government ends. At the same time, new research suggests that climate change will be responsible for an increase in other geohazards such as ground instability and subsidence increasing insurance premiums and inhibiting house building. Changes to current Statutory Guidance, under Part IIA of the Environmental Act 1990, which go before Parliament this month will also significantly change the current contaminated land regime.
Jordans believe the key to addressing today’s environmental issues lies in a unique new range of environmental reports. Greenlight£® environmental reports, from Chartered Environmental Surveyors Wilbourn Associates, include a professional opinion on ALL environmental risks identified.  Phillip Wilbourn CEO of Wilbourn Associates, commented “The reality today is that property professionals are required to apply higher levels of due diligence than ever before.  Provided by property professionals themselves and regulated by the RICS, Greenlight£®reports give a contemporary interpretation of the risks in a modern format, concentrating on the salient issues and emphasising the impact this has on the value of the home.”
Jordans and Wilbourn Assocaites are offering free CPD accredited seminars about how these issues particularly changes in the law affect domestic and commercial conveyancing at all levels.
These are challenging times professionally and all stakeholders are looking to their professional advisors for high level and complete advice. This seminar will address these challenges.
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