Jacksons Law Firm Podcasts Casting Light On Legal Issues

In a technology driven world, how does your law firm inform, educate and communicate with clients?

Jacksons Law Firm has embraced modern methods of broadcasting and communication to provide business owners and private clients with a legal overview of how the law could affect a business in the various stages of its development.

The podcast series offers a mixture of legal advice and light-hearted elements to entertain and educate the listener.

The episode looking at property highlighted the key legal considerations surrounding a business signing a property lease.

The opening explanations of property law and legalese were then accompanied with a segment looking at strange lease stipulations and law from around the world including a tenant request to be presented with cake on their birthday and a tenancy disagreement which fell down whilst agreeing on a clause in the event of an apocalypse.

However interesting and informative the opening sections were, the final third was peppered with local business owners reflecting on the issues they have faced with business leases and offering practical advice to future business owners.

Overall, at only fifteen minutes per episode, the modern consumer is presented with a perfect introduction to certain areas of law in a digital format which is proving ever popular to the media savvy and technology enlightened public.

The first series, episode 4 looks at the 4Ps in starting a business including:

  • Planning – looking at immediate legal considerations a new business should consider, including the type of business structure they are taking on
  • Property – looking at leases and the various pitfalls associated with getting in and getting out of a premise
  • People – focusing on employment law and the pertinent things all businesses should consider.
  • Problems – including the common legal issues a business faces when starting up

Jane Armitage, Managing Partner at Jacksons Law Firm has taken the time to discuss the innate benefits of utilising technology.

Why did you start the podcast series and what are you hoping consumers will take away?

We started the podcasts because we were looking for a way to communicate with younger clients/ potential clients and realised that seminars were not the way forward and that younger people were now getting information on all sorts of matters from podcasts and that they could learn about legal issues in the same way. We consulted with some of younger lawyers on this project and they are the participants.

We hope that consumers will see us as a firm who are committed to working with their clients in the way that suits them best, who are adaptable and keen to communicate. We want them to see us as a firm embracing technology to help them and who want to communicate in clear English. It is our hope that consumers will see us as a firm who they would like to work with because we understand their needs and want to communicate in a modern and approachable way. The point of the podcasts is to say these are the issues you need to think about, we are experts on these issues, talk to us about them.

What areas of law are you looking to cover in the future?

We are recording our second series of podcasts this week looking at personal law with a podcast on buying a house, making a will and family matters.

We will then look to consider new topics and expanding our portfolio of podcasts. We would love to hear from our listeners what topics they would like to have covered.

Why does the podcast format appeal to the modern consumer?

The modern consumer is used to instant access. They watch TV or films on demand, and they can look anything up instantly on google. They want to gather information when they are walking to the station, driving home, running on the treadmill etc. Podcasts enable them to do this but because the consumer is multi-tasking the content needs to be concise and broken up into segments to aid concentration.

In what other ways does Jacksons Law Firm use technology to help the customer journey?

We use technology for communication with clients sending documents and emails wherever we can for speed and efficiency. We have a modern case management system to help work flow for the client journey. We are also about to sign up for Thirdfort to assist clients in dealing with ID and proof of funds requirements. Additionally, we are working on a live chat project.

How does your law firm utilise technological change to improve the consumer and client journey?

If you feel, the legal community would benefit from the innovative ways you use modern technologies, feel free to let our press team know by emailing [email protected]

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