Investments In Greener Homes Set To Protect Thousands Of Jobs

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) says Government plans to create greener homes will protect thousands of jobs and lead to new innovations in the sector and has welcomed the Chancellor’s scheme, which is set to help home owners save energy in England

According to the BMF, the move will help make a significant impact in addressing the carbon emissions of the nation’s housing stock.

John Newcomb. BMF Chief Executive, said:

“We are extremely pleased that the Government will provide this vital measure for the UK homeowners and at the same time bring confidence in the building materials industry.

“Thousands of jobs will be protected and investment will be kept flowing, enabling the supply chain to trade with confidence.

“The UK’s current housing stock contributes to 40 per cent of the nation’s carbon emissions.

“The Chancellor’s proposal will make significant inroads to tackle that figure and provide confidence, incentive and support to homeowners to undertake the necessary upgrades.”

The BMF’s 710 members across the UK and Ireland have combined sales of £36 billion and employ more than 170,000 people in the building materials industry.

Its 354 merchant members operate from 5,648 branches across the UK and Ireland.

They play a leading role in the distribution of materials across the country. That includes accounting for almost 90 per cent of the sales of insulation in the UK, a market valued at £1.2 billion.*

Mr Newcomb added:

“Builders merchants have a vital role to play in the delivery of the programme.

“The building materials sector in which our members operate is currently valued at £56 billion and directly provides more than 330,000 jobs, working across 23,000 companies in the UK.

“The sector makes a significant contribution to the economy and it’s important for us to reinforce the message of its value and significance.

“Currently, 80 per cent of all building products used in the construction of homes and buildings are manufactured in the UK.

“This home-grown sector will be more important than ever, creating vital jobs in manufacturing, construction and the service sector in the current economic climate.

“Our members are already making significant in-roads in areas including sustainability and the delivery of quieter, more energy efficient buildings and environments.

“The Chancellor’s proposal will bring more confidence to press ahead with new innovations and bring new developments to the marketplace.”

*Valuation of the insulation market sourced by BMF from AMA Research

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