Insight and predictions with former Chairman of the Equity Release Council, Nigel Waterson

Today, we bring you an insight into what’s happening in the equity release market from a true industry expert.

Providing a snapshot of a professional’s opinion, these recorded interviews are designed to share industry expertise as well as explore predictions for the year ahead.

This week, we’ll be hearing from equity release expert, Nigel Waterson.

Nigel Waterson is Chairman of the Equity Release Council, the not-for-profit organisation which represents 90% of the equity release sector. Nigel’s experience as a shipping solicitor and Conservative MP for Eastbourne formed the foundations of his present career, in having to understand the issues faced by the wider public and addressing them appropriately. His passion for age-related issues is also reflected in his previous position within the All Party Group for Older People at Westminster, where he was appointed and stood as Chairman.

As well as speaking and writing regularly on pension issues and ageing, Nigel is also the Chairman of NOW: Pensions, a recent addition to the UK market.

In this interview with Today’s Conveyancer, he gives his views on the equity release market as well as well as highlighting the importance of independent legal advice being available to consumers.


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