Industry supports Kindness Pledge

A week ago we launched our Kindness Pledge, as part of our Call for Kindness campaign, and it’s great to see people in the industry getting behind the pledge and making their mark.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

– Aesop

For many of us, the challenges of home working and home-schooling have at times been relentless. Remember, everyone is in the same position. Everyone is human and doing their best. And most importantly take the time to appreciate what everyone is doing. The impact on the conveyancing communities wellbeing will be felt for some time and with the market showing no signs of slowing, there is a need to recognise the short, medium and long term effect on our industry.

We can all take responsibility for setting the right tone to create positive and productive outcomes for our clients and each other. A negative interaction is unproductive.

We are calling on our readers and beyond to affirm their commitment to treating one another with respect, relating to the challenges we all face and recognising our own roles in creating positive outcomes.

We’ve heard from some people in the industry as to why they’ve signed the Pledge.

Natalie Moore, Founder and Director of Aconveyancing, said:

“The staff at Aconveyancing were delighted to sign the Today’s Conveyancer Kindness Pledge and we encourage others to do the same.  As ambassadors for change in this tough industry, pledging to support one another collectively at such a challenging and busy time is just a small gesture of our commitment to our fellow conveyancers, regardless of which firm we work for and what role we play.  We need to do more, this is just the start and we are fully behind the initiative.”

Tracy Burtwell, Sales Director, SearchFlow;

“We wholeheartedly support Today’s Conveyancer’s Call for Kindness campaign. The industry continues to face enduring pressure, particularly given the extension to the Stamp Duty holiday. Every day we talk to our customers and without exception they are all extremely busy, working long hours and facing a great deal of strain to help clients complete their transactions. The heightened levels are likely to continue for some time, and here at SearchFlow we are working very hard to support our conveyancing customers in any way that we can.  We know that ‘buyer anxiety’ is a very real concern; they are worried about exchanging in time, not wanting their chain to fail, and of course, they are about to make what is likely to be the largest purchase they are likely to make. The pandemic has added another dimension to buyers’ worries, and conveyancers are at the coalface in dealing with these concerns.  Mutual kindness, compassion and understanding go a very long way to ultimately making everyone’s mental wellbeing that much brighter, and so we urge everyone to consider this along the way.”

Emma Vigus, Managing Director of mio, commented:

“mio is proud to support the Today’s Conveyancer Kindness Pledge. Kindness has, for too long, been perceived, by some, as a weakness in business and that can result in not only employees but also clients and suppliers being treated with a lack of empathy and in the worst examples, with outright aggression. Being considerate, demonstrating understanding and collectively channelling our efforts to resolve situations rather than blame others should be core principles for any business. Abiding by those principles not only fosters the creation of a happier working environment, it also often makes commercial sense.”

It takes less than a minute to sign the Pledge. Add your signature here.

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