I Think There’s An Agent In My Spare Room

Times have been tough recently, but one Property Eye reader shared an interesting story with the publication, and I thought I’d share it with you, as it made me smile.

The reader found the story on Reddit last week. Although we’re unsure of the credibility of the story, if you have any additional information, please share it with us.

So yesterday we found out that our middle aged letting agent has been hiding in the small spare room of our terraced house for 2 days.

He came over unannounced to ‘inspect’ the house as our landlords have decided to manage the property themselves.

We assumed he’d left and saw the small spare room door was locked with the light left on, we don’t have keys for that room so couldn’t turn it off.

I texted asking him to come and turn the light off and he admitted that he was here in the house!

After we confronted him, he proceeded to lie and say ‘he’d informed us all that he was staying here for a few days’. None of us had any clue!

He said he’s planning on living here on a permanent basis and has signed a contract and paid deposit etc etc.

Our landlords are our neighbours and they said that’s not true….

The landlords said they think he should leave and hand over his keys. Thankfully, he did.

However, he’s locked the door to the spare room again and we suspect he has another set of keys…

I got a ladder and looked through the window and all his stuff is still there; stale uncovered croissants, clothes, alcohol, grooming products and something that looks disturbingly like a fleshlight [under no circumstances should you Google that word] amongst the detritus.

I’ve rung the council and the police non emergency number and it’s turning out to be a complex problem. It’s not a council house so it’s down to the landlords to act upon it.

One other aspect is Covid-19; the sneaky b*****d told us he traveled into London on public transport, when I probed him on it he couldn’t even tell me what precautions he took against the virus. We have all been careful and abided by the government guidelines and it’s scared everyone having this rando creep in the house!

What can I do?

In true style hundreds of people came to the aid of the story writer, giving them ideas of what action to take.

Here are just a few.

“Please sell the rights to this story for someone to make a TV or film adaptation.”

“Bradley Walsh stars as The Tenant – a mystery man who deceives his way into the lives of 3 young house sharers by posing as a letting agent. What is in the mystery spare room? Does he have COVID-19? Are the events as random as they seem, or does The Tenant have an ulterior motive that changes the lives of the flatmates forever? This new 6 part series from the creators of Rosie & Jim contains nudity from the start. Also starring: Janette Krankie, Dame Maggie Smith, and her from oh what’s it called it was on the other night, you know, she was in thingy with whatshisface….”

“He’s definitely acting illegally (trespassing) and you need to change the external locks immediately so he can’t get into the house. And get his s*** packed up so it can be put outside for him to collect. Take a ton of photos of how he left the room, just for evidence that he was clearly planning on coming back.”

“That’s so creepy, just moving into someone’s house without asking them. I wonder what’s going on in his life that he felt it was ok to do that. Whatever it is isn’t your problem anyway, he needs to find a friend’s couch to sleep on if he’s desperate.”

“Ask your landlord if you have their permission to kick in the locked door, they will have to pay but this is their problem not yours tbh.”

“Leave his stuff at the end of your garden, leave him a message saying your stuff is behind the wall etc etc, never speak with him again.”

“If you think he has keys the landlord might need to change the locks to avoid theft, assault or something worse.”

“Tell his place of business, and if he’s been caught lying to you, it is probably a good idea to film and record all interaction you have with him, as he’s probably lying to others about you.”

What are your thoughts?

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