How to make the conveyancing process a well-oiled machine (Topic of the Month – Process Management)

It’s widely recognised that comparison sites are now used by many consumers when it comes to looking for the best deal. We Help You Too Ltd (WHYT) develops business solutions that simplifies the customer journey when looking for the best value conveyancing service.

Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers can be competitive without eroding their margin. A manufacturing approach is taken by many big conveyancing companies; they break down each task in the conveyancing process and have an expert carry out each particular task. That expert can only be kept busy if the right volume of transactions takes place.

The priority is having consistent new transactions generated for such a business model.

When it works well

When non-productive work is minimised and each person who contributes to the main goal feels part of the process, and is being recognised for doing so, then the formula works. It becomes a well-oiled machine with passion.

When it fails

When property firms expand, they take on new business without considering who will do what in the conveyancing process. Some staff feel overburdened, whist others may feel no added pressure. The team work erodes and the recognition can decrease, not intentionally but because key staff are now under massive pressure to keep service levels to clients at an all-time high.

Property professionals simply do not have time for their colleagues. They forget about the team and can easily become busy fools. It is never too late to pause for thought and the good news is that they are not alone. The team can solve the process issues but only if they are empowered and given time to contribute.

Establishing a new IT system

No single piece of new IT software can fix a problem unless employees are engaged in the change. They need to understand why, what is the impact to them and when will they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do they believe it will make a difference? If not then you need to revisit your colleagues. They will be warming to change but also by the very nature of participation, they will have ideas — listen as these are often the answer. Including colleagues ideas, cements the team — enjoy it.

Strength to strength

Process management is about introducing a process that ensures employees can utilise their core skills. If they are empowered to use their skills then the business will grow from strength to strength.

The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel managed by We Help You Too uses the Acquir-e software. This is a system developed with one single purpose – to give website visitors what they need to make an informed decision on who to instruct as their conveyancer. By developing a bespoke search pack, the ‘one pack fits all’ covers the majority of situations and home movers are able to compare conveyancing quotes. In return, the Solicitor can order a search pack with just one click. A significant improvement has been enjoyed by the Homebuyer panel members and customers have become informed Conveyancer clients in a very short space of time.

An improvement is needed to progress

It is imperative that we treat data as the efficiency driver. If data is inaccurate it is simply a waste of everyone’s time. So an easy win in the conveyancing process is to ensure that data is accurate and that any data used comes with its own accuracy metric.

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