How to become a multi-award winning conveyancing firm

Having won numerous awards over the years, Stephensons tell Today’s Conveyancer how they have gained such prestigious achievements.

Stephensons is a national, full service law firm with offices across the UK. The firm’s conveyancing team has seen a great deal of success at the annual LFS Awards, picking up the London and South East Region award in 2014, North West Region award in 2012 as well as the Overall Conveyancing Firm of the Year award in 2012. Stephensons has also been shortlisted in a number of other categories over the years.

In 2015, Stephensons is once again shortlisted, this time in the Regional / Direct Conveyancing Firm of the Year category.

“We’ve always been wary of awards for awards’ sake.” says Linda Kirk, Residential Conveyancing Partner at Stephensons. “For our team, the LFS Awards aren’t simply about securing a certificate for the wall, or a trophy, or an accreditation to use on our client materials. Taking part in the awards each year demands that certain standards are met. Our work is carried out in a certain way, we meet the optimum standards set by the best in the industry. It’s a way of setting the bar high and constantly striving to better ourselves.”

At the same time, Linda recognises the benefits of the awards. Stephensons’ conveyancing department has enjoyed a period of steady growth over the past five years, making significant strides into new markets in London and across the North West of England. The firm also gained additional panel and private work as a result of its success at the awards. Continued grow has allowed us to open a new office in London.“As well as providing an excellent opportunity for industry networking through the LFS Conference, the LFS Awards are one of the most important award ceremonies for conveyancing firms. Partly due to the high standard of work the recognised by the awards but also because of the stature of the judging panels.

“With the large scale growth experienced across the market in the recent years, Stephensons, like many firms, has taken the opportunity to invest in infrastructure, training and systems in order to deal with the sharp increase in enquiries. This includes enhanced training programmes for all teams and improving avenues for staff progression in order to increase retention and improve overall service levels.

“When the market became more buoyant following the economic downturn, we felt that it was important to make sure we were ready to deal with the increase in enquiries effectively. As well as focusing on investment in the team, we introduced new, more efficient processes.

“We’ve introduced new products, such as ‘Home Buyer Plus’ which helps to provide a financial safety net for our clients if their transaction fails to reach completion. We find that these sort of initiatives help differentiate us from our competitors. This in turn has helped us to achieve considerable success at the LFS Awards and are confident that our long-term strategy will continue to deliver similar results.

“We’re certainly optimistic about the future of the conveyancing industry. It’s likely that the current transaction volumes will remain high for the foreseeable future. While panel managers and larger estate agency brands will continue to be the driving force in the industry, there is still scope to acquire significant amounts of work from independent agents and directly through clients.”

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