How conveyancers can achieve the best from their marketing strategy

A Cheshire based legal marketing agency have highlighted the need for companies working in the conveyancing & legal sectors to embrace digital marketing or risk losing custom to modern forward-thinking competitors.

Solve Legal Marketing say that increasingly firms are realising the need to embrace new marketing channels and technology.

The firm specialise in marketing services for the legal sector. This gives the company a unique insight into exactly where firms should focus their marketing budget.

Up until recently digital marketing was neglected by many in the conveyancing industry and often viewed as being of secondary importance to traditional offline marketing efforts.  In recent times the way a firm should consider marketing has completely shifted.

Undoubtedly if you aren’t prioritizing digital marketing for your conveyancing firm today than you will be losing ground to your competitors. Digital is here to stay. Embracing the digital age couldn’t more critical for law firms in general. Taking advantage of this medium should already be a central part of the marketing mix in your firm’s overall strategy.

Christine Champion of Solve Legal Marketing said: “Increasingly law firms are turning to us to help with their marketing. Many firms have outdated websites that don’t project their company in a good light. Others don’t understand how to effectively use social media. Many companies that come to us realise they need to do something, but just don’t know where to start.”

Solve Legal Marketing’s ‘full service’ offering includes web design and search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms and conveyancers. They also provide innovative video marketing & email marketing solutions as well as graphic design & traditional offline marketing.

If your firm’s website isn’t accessible and optimized for both search engines and users, you’ll struggle to attract new customers through online channels. Christine continues: “Your firm are marketing to an increasingly tech-savvy general population. A poorly designed website with long loading times and dated graphics is an easy way to turn potential clients away. Remember, your website is your new shop front.”

Today’s generation seek more than an attractive site: they want communication; they want to feel involved. This is where social media platforms come in, as they allow instant communication between you and your clients and show that your firm has a personality, not just a corporate identity.

Social media is also a place to demonstrate expertise and share advice with the public, in the form of content marketing such as blogs or ‘how to’ videos.

With a plethora of possibilities, it is now your firm’s responsibility to create an online presence as a means of standing out, earning respect and in return, earning fees.

To find out more about Solve Legal Marketing and the services they provide, visit Solve Legal Marketing’s website.

Updated 17/11/2017 to reflect changes in digital marketing & new quote.

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