Housing Minister wants to double figures of self-build projects

Grand Designs probably has a lot to answer for but I’m quite sure that most of our prospective clients have dreamt of designing and building their own home at some point in their lives.  Grant Shapps is trying to ensure that the figure of 13,000 self-builders who broke ground last year are doubled in the next decade.
Could this be the way forward for would-be home owners to get on the property ladder?
If the Housing Minsiter’s plans gain ground (pardon the pun) the ABS model could help a shrewd conveyancer, possibly partnered with an Architect,  carve out a niche conveyancing practice as a “build it yourself” expert, dealing with the whole process from land acquisition to staged mortgage payments.
There are many “old fashioned” conveyancing solicitors that would be likely to walk away from such an idea because it doesn’t fit with the perception of what conveyancing is all about.  However, we have to wake up and smell the coffee, conveyancing is changing and if we are to survive and grow we need to change with it.
If Shapps manages to dispel the myth that building your own home is only for the wealthy, or eccentrics, of this country and the figure of 13,000 self-builders does double, a niche “build it yourself” expert would surely outperform those firms who stick to “vanilla” conveyancing?
A cursory google search doesn’t reveal any specific firms that offer a self-build package exclusively so are conveyancers missing out by not thinking outside the box?  With the “build your own neighbourhood” scheme also being talked about there could be plenty of work up for grabs.
Today’s Conveyancer would love to hear from any conveyancing solicitors out there that already offer this kind of service exclusively.
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