Hoowla launches Seamless online submission of SDLT to HMRC

Conveyancing software company Hoowla have expanded their platform to include online submission of SDLT to HMRC, further adding to their toolkit of features and services for conveyancers.

This release delivers a number of time-saving features including automatically inserting case details into the SDLT form for even quicker completion and automatically adding supplementary forms based on the people involved in the case.

To help remove the frustration of submission errors and form rejections Hoowla highlights any missing information in the form and presents a simple explanation of what needs fixing and where.

Forms are saved on the go and can be revisited to complete. Once submitted an SDLT 5 certificate receipt is returned instantly and saved automatically to the case.

Adam Curtis, CEO comments, “A big part of our strategy at Hoowla is providing all the tools a conveyancing practice needs in one simply seamless experience tightly integrated with the way you work. Adding online SDLT submission has been an important milestone in our road-map. Filling out the form in Hoowla is intuitive and elegant, all you need to do is submit then get on with the rest of your day, we take care of the rest.

“Hoowla offers a modern approach to conveyancing case management. Their online conveyancing software provides a suite of tools and services that help firms of all shape and size process more matters, improve communication and collaboration, reduce risk and manage compliance whilst providing a great customer experience along the way.”

For more information and to see Hoowla in action contact Tom O’Brien, [email protected] and visit http://www.hoowla.com/stamp-duty.

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