Homelessness Prevention Promised £260 Million

The new decade will open with the Government offering increased help to support the growing issue of homelessness.

Over £260 million has been promised to local authorities to boost homelessness services.

The funding will enable local councils to employ specialists to provide advice and support to vulnerable people living on the streets, sofa surfing or in temporary accommodation.

The money will also be used to guide homeless people back into rental accommodation.

The additional investment will be added to the £1.2 billion pledged to the issue and has been offered to help local authorities adhere to Homeless Reduction Act legislation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“It cannot be right in the 21st century that people are homeless or having to sleep on our streets, and this government will work tirelessly to bring this to an end.

“This new funding is going to help councils provide better support to homeless people, and importantly, prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.

“But we have got to do even more, and we’re committed to expanding rough sleeping and homelessness programmes, and ensuring more integrated working between our local health and housing services.

“I salute the Standard for their campaign on homelessness in London, particularly their vital work in supporting vulnerable women across the capital.”

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick MP said:

“As Communities Secretary, it’s one of my main priorities to ensure that we reduce all forms of homelessness and rough sleeping.

“That’s why we have announced an additional £260 million funding in homelessness funding – to ensure councils up and down the country provide crucial services tailored to their areas.

“Last year the number of people sleeping rough fell for the first time in several years, and while the government’s interventions are working, there is a great deal more work to do. We’re committed to eliminating rough sleeping by the end of the Parliament.”

Is there enough being done to combat homelessness?



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