HMLR’s new service speeds up conveyancing

HM Land Registry has revealed that over three-quarters of customers found that their new service reduced time needed to speak to them about registration applications.

Providing land and property professionals with up to date information about pending claims, Application Enquiry aims to support professionals in management of applications. Launched in March 2016, the service allows users to search for lodged applications in order to monitor or obtain clarification on:

  • How far it’s progressed
  • Any reasons behind its delay
  • If a charge has been discharged
  • Further information on completed or cancelled applications
  • The priority period for Official Searches

In order to use the service, users must be signed up to HM Land Registry’s Business e-services.

It’s important to note that whilst the above checks are possible, certain information is likely to be required. This ensures that the process remains secure.

Of those that have used the service, 82% stated that it was excellent, with 59% saying that they were able to find all of the information that they needed. According to HMLR, this is due to the ongoing enhancement work in response to consumer feedback.

One such feature was the ability to save relevant details as a PDF file, allowing customers to store or send them on to involved parties.

In light of the customer feedback, the Registry stated that professionals are far less likely to need to contact them, meaning valuable time can be spent elsewhere.

Application Enquiry forms part of the HMLR’s wider aim to speed up their service, something which they feel can be achieved by reducing both time and cost of registration.

HMLR’s detailed guide on the Application Enquiry can be accessed here.

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