HMLR wins award for Raising Fraud Awareness

A Government Counter Fraud award has been won by HM Land Registry.

As well as recognising innovation in combatting public sector fraud, the award for Excellence in Raising Fraud Awareness also highlights the Registry’s dedicated efforts to alert people to the risk.

Over recent years, HMLR has raised public awareness around how property fraud could occur as well as highlighting safeguarding measures. One in particular related to a service launched by HMLR itself – the Property alert service – which allows users to monitor their property and receive an alert is significant activity against it occurs.

As well as aiming to increase public awareness of property fraud risk, HMLR’s counter fraud team deliver expert training to employees, enforcement agencies and financial investigators in order to identify and stop fraud occurring in the first place.

Commenting on HMLR’s campaign win, the judges stated: “Property fraud is an area of significant risk and the campaign left no stone unturned in its efforts to raise awareness and engage citizens with its Property Alert service. They were astute in selecting the most effective, audience-appropriate channels and received justifiably very positive feedback for their efforts.”

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