HMLR update aims to speed up removal of Form A restrictions

The electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS) has recently been updated by HM Land Registry.

Used by business customers, the service enables users to send and receive applications to update the register. The recent update aims to reduce the time taken for removing the Form A restrictions. As a default, these protect the interests of multiple owners in a property.

HMLR request customers to set out the type of registration being performed when documents are being lodged. This could, for example, by submitting a supporting document or registering a new lease.

The update means that in the ‘types of registration’ list, users will be able to see an option entitled ‘Removal of default Form A restriction (JP1)’. Selecting this will enable customers to remove the default Form A restriction, and in turn, meaning that HMLR can enhance the speed of service.

An automated letter will be sent to the user when a Form A restriction has been entered into the register. This restriction can be immediately removed by HMLR if this letter is sent back within 30 days and an intervening application has not been submitted.

Further information on how to remove a Form A restriction can be accessed here.

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