HMLR Reduce Queue Of Register Update Applications In June

HM Land Registry (HMLR) have revealed that since the 17 June, they’ve managed to process more register update applications than they’ve received.

This has resulted in them reducing the queue time applicants are waiting to be processed by a quarter (25%). This equates to approximately 57,000 applications.

Further success has been noted with regards to the queue of register create applications waiting to be processed by approximately 6,000.

In a statement HMLR added:

“We are processing all expedited applications within 10 days, except for those where we are awaiting information or confirmation from other parties. Applications are being expedited via our portal’s Application Enquiry service or our online contact form.

“We continue to review how best we can fulfil your priorities in the short and long term now that we have equipped all of our expert people to work remotely. This may result in changes to some services if feedback and evidence suggests that would be welcomed.

“In order for us to speed up the completion of existing applications, please use Reply to Requisition to provide additional information, or attach missing documents during the course of an application.”

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