HMLR Practice Guide updates: PG80 & PG67

Here are the latest practice guide updates issued by HM Land Registry.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): useful information for conveyancers (PG80)

Page summary: Information about pre-existing and new practice of particular relevance in the current circumstances (practice guide 80).

Change made: Update to section 2.2 to clarify amending panel 7 of form AP1 also applies to the equivalent panel in other primary application forms.

More information here

Evidence of identity: conveyancers (PG67)

Page summary: This guide explains when evidence of identity is required and how it should be given. It is aimed at conveyancers (practice guide 67).

Change made: Section 6.1 has been amended to confirm that where there is a chain of attorneys, identity evidence is needed for them all.

More information available here.

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