HMLR Practice Guide updates

HM Land Registry (HMLR) has published details of the latest changes to its Practice Guides.

Charging orders (PG76)

This guide gives advice on the points to take into account when considering making an application for entry of an agreed or unilateral notice or a Form K restriction in respect of a charging order made under the Charging Orders Act 1979. It also covers how an application to the court (including an application to the County Court Money Claims Centre) for a charging order may be protected as a pending land action.

Change made: Section 7 has been added to explain how to reflect the assignment of charging orders on the register. It refers to existing guidance in practice guide 19 and sets out the suitable applications and additional evidence for charging orders.


Investigation or enforcement proceedings (court, insolvency, tax): applications (PG43)

This guide is intended solely for the use of:

  • Crown Prosecutors
  • the Police
  • the National Crime Agency
  • Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs
  • others entitled to inspect documents pursuant to the provisions of rule 140 of the Land Registration Rules 2003

Change made: the appendix has been amended as an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State under section 15 of the Child Support Act 1991 is now a qualifying applicant under rule 140(1) of the Land Registration Rules 2003.

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