HMLR introduce extra checks to improve security of DS1 form

HM Land Registry have stated that additional checks have been introduced for customers when applying to remove a mortgage from a title register.

Whilst the aim of the increased checks is to help prevent fraudulent applications at the first opportunity, HMLR highlights that it may increase the duration of the process in general.

The removal of a mortgage from the register can be applied for in one of three ways.

  • Completion of a DS1 form which is then sent via an online channel or through the post
  • Sending an electronic DS1 through Lender Services
  • Sending an electronic discharge through a virtual private network

In light of the potential for time delays, HMLR state that customers can help by using the latter two options when applying to remove a mortgage. As well as potentially speeding up the process, using an e-DS! Or electronic discharge can help to reduce the risk of property fraud as its submitted by the lender or their agent directly.

Information on how to send an e-DS1 through portal can be accessed here.

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