HMLR change identification guidelines for postal applications.

HMLR issue new guidelines for customer certifications from 16 June

HMLR have issued the following press release

“On 16 June we will be amending a number of our forms to make it simpler for conveyancers to certify they hold evidence when submitting these applications by post. 

This brings the certification guidance for postal applications in line with our guidance for electronic applications. 

Conveyancers will be able to certify they hold evidence that supports the following application types, rather than sending us the physical evidence: 

Forms AS1, AS2, AS3, DJP, HR1, HR2, SEV, RX1, RX4, UN1, UN2, UN3, UN4 and WCT.

Details of the certification guidelines will be included in the side notes of these forms. We will publish updated versions of the forms (accessible from our forms page) this afternoon.

Please note that the change in our guidance applies only to conveyancers. If you are not a conveyancer, you will still need to submit physical evidence with your applications. "

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