HMLR begin migration to national LLC register

HM Land Registry (HMLR) has announced that a new centralised digital register for Local Land Charges (LLC) will be launched later this year following approval from the Government.

Stating that it is currently building the foundations for a national LLC Register, HMLR set out its plans to work with 26 local authorities in England to begin the migration process.

The organisation went on to state that the new register will remove the regional variation in speed, format and cost of the LLC searches, with the customer being able to choose from a range of options as to how they receive their online results.

As well as creating the foundations for the national LLC service, the initial phase of migration from the local authorities aims to help HMLR gain a better understanding of how to speed up the process going forward, as well as how to utilise the data more effectively.

HMLR states that it will be updating customers as to when the migration has taken place for each local authority, and when search requests can be made on the new service.

Commenting on the launch of the new service was Graham Farrant. The Chief Executive and Chief Land Registrar stated:

“In today’s world, people expect to be able to access government information online quickly and easily, and for a reasonable fee.

“A national Local Land Charges service will achieve that.

“HM Land Registry has a track record for modernising land-related systems and is very pleased to be taking on the delivery of the national Local Land Charges digital register. This is a significant step forward in the Government’s ambition to make the house-buying process simpler, faster and cheaper.”

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