HIPs not part of 14th programme of Law Reform

The Law Commission has revealed that as part of it’s 14th programme of law reform, it will look at the conveyancing process. However, it has ruled out the return of home information packs (HIPS).

There has been lots of talk over recent months about upfront property information, with the likes of the BASPI data set creating one source of truth during the home buying and selling process.

Nick Hopkins, Law Commissioner told the Gazette:

“We are interested in looking at the provision of upfront information itself rather than going back and thinking ‘were HIPs the right thing to do?'”

The Commission is keen to explore the idea of upfront information, but not in the HIPs format.

Nick Hopkins added: 

“We’re not digging up that coffin. We [want to] take a fresh look at how to do what HIPs were trying to achieve but how to achieve that differently.”

With regards to digitising the conveyancing process, Nick Hopkins commented:

“We have seen suggestions that digital transaction should not take as long as paper-based transactions. But equally, we do not see that as a magic solution. We certainly would not assume if the process becomes digital that necessarily means it will be quicker.”

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  • test

    I see nothing wrong with a seller instructing a conveyancer/solicitor when they first market their property. Brings the property lawyer into the process much earlier on, which must be a good thing. Plenty of forward thinking firms already working this way.

    HIPs were a massive opportunity missed by property lawyers. Sellers needed a HIP before they could market a property. Who better than to compile a HIP (a HIP better than the mandatory one), than the property lawyer? That was the only opportunity property lawyers will ever have to become the ‘first foot through the door.’

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