Helping connectivity in the home buying process

“Innovations that really take off are ones that have a low barrier to adoption, that seem logical and straightforward to use.”

Dan Salmons, CEO, Coadjute

The home buying process can often be seen as a cumbersome one. A process that seemingly hasn’t changed since the dawn of time. Many have tried and failed to revolutionise the process, we had the Law Society and the much-vaunted VEYO project which saw millions of pounds invested ultimately to no avail and we have had countless prop tech businesses promising to change the way Conveyancing is done for good.

However, lessons are slowly being learnt and there are options out there which will help those involved in the process, improve cross-sector relationships and streamline the process.

Tom Lyes, Director of Engagement at Today’s Conveyancer spoke to Dan Salmons, CEO of Coadjute – a relatively new and well-funded business to the legal market specializing in helping with connectivity in the home buying process – to find out more about the company.

Dan, can you tell us a little more about Coadjute and what your objectives are?

How are you going to help the home buying process become more ‘connected’?

Blockchain. It’s a word many of us have heard before. But what is it?

What do you need from conveyancing firms/departments to help in your journey? What should conveyancers be excited about?

What are the challenges to the sector of embracing this kind of technology?

What potential roadblocks may lie ahead and attempt to stop your journey moving forward?

You’ve recruited recently, can you tell us about them?

How does Coadjute tackle fraud that we see in the conveyancing sector?

Where do you see yourself in three year’s time?

Following the interview Tom was keen to point out that the idea of collaboration and focusing on marginal gains has the ability to benefit the home buying process in a much more positive way than many of the more revolutionary ideas that require buy in from everyone and are often doomed to fail:

”I came away from my chat with Coadjute positively enthused by their attitude and approach to driving change. Too often the word disruptor is thrown around, when what is required is a more considered and strategic approach, I think Coadjute’s approach towards collaboration and their focus on making the technology available to as many people as possible puts them in a strong position to be able influence the home buying process in a positive way. The acid test ultimately lies ahead but I look forward to catching up with Dan later this year to see how things are progressing”

More information about Coadjute can be found here.

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