‘Help to buy’: Choose a specialist conveyancer or risk your sale

Kathryn Taylor, a spokesperson for the Conveyancing Association responds to the Prime Minister’s announcement that the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme will be extended to all properties from next week, three months earlier than expected. 
Commenting on today’s announcement Kathryn Taylor, a spokesperson for the Conveyancing Association and Managing Partner at Gordon Brown LLP, says:
“Today’s announcement is very welcome news indeed for the conveyancing industry as a whole. If successful the ‘Help to buy’ scheme should provide a boost to the housing market in areas that have been depressed since the property market slump. Given its huge success to date, we predict that following next week’s extension of the scheme, the demand for conveyancing services will be at the highest it has been in a long time. Having said that, ‘Help to buy’ does represent a new challenge to conveyancers, given the additional complexities involved in the process. We therefore strongly recommend that home buyers choose a conveyancer with experience in this area, or risk delaying their purchase.”
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