Have you got the balance of technology and ‘the human touch’ right?

With the advent of ‘the internet age’ and other technology the conveyancing process has been revolutionised but David Kempster, Sales and Marketing Director at SearchFlow, says “these high-tech solutions should not come at the expense of the human touch”.
Although many firms still view electronic communications with scepticism and don’t want to take the leap into the unknown the fact is that new developments are finding their way into most firms.  The property search market, for example, means that a law firm choosing to embrace technology no longer faces delays in accessing records from the local authority and can, instead, access official searches directly from their desk.
It should be remembered however that no amount of technology will help your firm stand out if your customer service isn’t ‘right’.  Whether you work in conveyancing or an entirely different industry, customer service is essential not preferred and customers will not be satisfied with technology alone.
The ability of a firm to work effectively with clients is based on an employee’s understanding of the services that are being offered.  If you want exemplary customer service then you require exemplary employees.
SearchFlow say:
“We have learned that our employees not only need to demonstrate that they truly understand the client’s problem, but also that they feel they are empowered with the resources, expertise and authority to deal with the issues at hand”.
By using human elements where they matter the most a forward thinking firm will reap enormous benefits.  Having real people, not an automated service, dealing with telephone calls will make a big difference to clients but it is new technology that will be a key factor in ensuring that your client-facing interaction becomes much more efficient.
The key to improvement, according to SearchFlow, is “to ensure that all of the new technology is supported by human interaction.  Firms that are willing to address this challenge by combining dedicated customer service initiatives, comprehensive staff training programmes and the latest electronic systems will be in a much better position to win new clients, and retain their existing business.”
What are you doing to gain market advantage when it comes to customer service?
Technology isn’t the be all and end all of good customer service, good employees are.  We should all be putting our commitment to customer care first and this can only be achieved by real people and ‘the human touch’.  Your company’s technology will only be as good as the employees who are operating it.
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