Has the lack of Conveyancers hit Crisis levels?

Recently the RICS UK Construction Market Survey Q2 2014 reported that 54% of respondents now say there are insufficient numbers of quantity surveyors available to meet workloads (up from 41% in Q1 2014).

Have we hit the same crisis point in the conveyancing industry?

To keep up with growth in the conveyancing market, law firms need to attract and train new entrants. A way must be found to encourage graduates to choose conveyancing as a career path to follow despite its rather historical “bread and butter” image compared to litigation related jobs. With a lack of training contracts how do we convince law graduates that there is an alternative?

Ambitious law firms such as myhomemove started preparing for the drought in conveyancers by forming an Academy, hosting Recruitment Days and opening up their jobs pool by opening new offices such as the one in Manchester city centre.

Lucie Thornton Interim HR Director for myhomemove shows that it has had proven results.

“Since the Academy opened, more than 100 trainees have graduated and joined our conveyancing teams, and have worked on over 4,500 cases in 2013. In addition, over 50% of our experienced conveyancers have benefitted from the Academy CPD courses, helping them to improve their skills and enabling them to provide an even better experience to our many clients.

The following conveyancer employee promotions can be attributed directly to the excellent on-going training received in the Academy :-

Trainee promoted to Intermediate = 40

Intermediate promoted to Associate = 16

Associate promoted to Advanced = 15

Advanced promoted to Senior = 10

Senior promoted to Team Leader = 11”

Latterly we reported in Today’s Conveyancer that Beaumont Legal have followed suit to establish a £150,000 Training Academy to nurture talent within Yorkshire.

A recruitment consultant who wishes to remain anonymous told me last week “I firmly tell law firms who ask me to recruit an experienced conveyancer within a week that they need a reality check — they can be found but it takes time and sometimes a rethink on price.”

In other words we need to look outside the traditional sector and prove that conveyancing can be an attractive career. In the meantime experienced conveyancers who can communicate well and demonstrate excellent customer service are gold dust.

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