Hammersmith and Fulham properties at highest risk of flooding

Almost two thirds of homes (59,632) in Hammersmith and Fulham are at risk of flooding from river water – the highest of all London boroughs, according to research announced this week from Groundsure, the UK’s leading authority on environmental land risks. The top five London Boroughs at flood risk after Hammersmith and Fulham are Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and then Barking and Dagenham.

Those properties at the highest risk will soon be able to insure their property against flood damage when the new ‘Flood Re’ agreement comes into force in April. Coming into effect on 1st April 2015, the ‘Flood Re’ agreement gives “at-risk” home owners the opportunity to insure their property against flood damage at an affordable set price. The agreement is aimed to help the estimated 350,000 households at high risk of flooding by letting them buy affordable insurance cover. Notable exclusions from this agreement include properties built after 2009, leasehold properties, commercial properties, and Bed and Breakfast establishments.

However, whilst insurance is vital, it cannot protect against the loss of sentimental belongings – so Groundsure is urging potential homebuyers to consider land flooding history before completing a purchase. Dan Montagnani, managing director at Groundsure comments: “It is essential that you consider the history of flooding in the area you are thinking of buying a home – not just from rivers but also how the land, and sewer systems have coped with sudden deluges. We all remember the human stories from flooding that everybody wants to avoid. Insurance is essential but it can’t replace those precious photos or months of disruption while your home dries out.

“We also believe the Flood Re agreement should be universal to all – the current agreement puts many small business owners at increased risk if they cannot afford to insure their livelihood,” continues Montagnani. “Groundsure helps home buyers manage that risk and understand the issues by providing detailed flood risk assessment amongst other environmental factors.”

As well as flood risk assessments, Groundsure works to help solicitors, homebuyers, businesses, consultants, surveyors and lenders make more informed property-transaction decisions, offering precise, up-to-date environmental-report data and expert insight and opinion.

For more information visit www.groundsure.com.

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