Government outlines ‘ambitious programme of court reform’

The government have reported that work has begun on “a very ambitious programme of court reform, which aims to bring new technology and modern ways of working” to the system.

Whilst acknowledging that the underpinning principles of the justice system are enduring, the government recognise that the associated processes have not kept pace. It states that it can make the route to justice easier to navigate, better at responding to the needs of the public and less confusing.

Whilst an investment of £1 billion to reform the courts and tribunals system has already been confirmed, the government are encouraging those who use the justice system to share their views on the process and engage in conversation.

They advise that suggestions or requests for further information on certain projects should be sent to the following email address: [email protected].

The reform programme is made up of over 50 projects – further guidance on the extent of the HMCTS reform programme can be accessed here.

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