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Running a law firm is hard enough, but the working environment for all legal service professionals has changed rapidly over the past year and is only going to continue changing as we approach the Brexit deadline of March 29th.

In addition to the usual cash pressures that affect cash-intensive businesses like law firms, a hardening PII market, Brexit uncertainty, price transparency amendments, probate fees changes, consumer demands for a more technology-driven service and constant pressure from cyber fraudsters all add to the complexities and difficulties of helping a law firm to thrive in the modern market.

On Thursday 28th February, McCrum Consulting are holding their Annual Conference at Dunham Forest Golf & Country Club, Altrincham, WA14 4TY. The conference will provide a range of expert speakers designed to cover key areas that impact on all law firms.

As we approach the precarious Brexit deadlines, Sue Carter, UK Head of Professional Banking at Yorkshire Bank will discuss how and what banks think when they look at any particular law firm, particularly in light of legislation changes and the possible impact Brexit will have on the UK economy.

Global cyber crime is now accruing or stealing the equivalent annual revenue of the world’s 13th highest GDP. When $1.3 trillion and over 5 billion sensitive pieces of data are stolen annually, it is imperative that a law firm is able to protect the information and money of its clients. Chris Harris, the CEO of Lawyer Checker and The Practical Vision Network will offer insights into how law firms can and should defend themselves against the myriad of attacks from cyber criminality.

With March quickly approaching and PII renewals high on many law firm agendas, Jenny Screech of Howden, the leading PII Brokers, will discuss what insurers think when they look at any particular law firm, what affects premiums and excess levels, and the things a law firm can do to minimise any increases in either of these.

The Annual Law Firms’ Survey 2019 found that staff retention and a potential employment crisis is a top concern for the continued prosperity and success of law firms. The McCrum Consulting Annual Conference has therefore also asked Duane Cormell, Director of Realm Legal Recruitment to offer advice on how law firms can retain their top talent, explaining how lawyers’ priorities have changed and to provide an insight into what prompts a lawyer into making a job move.

Finally, Simon McCrum, Managing Director of McCrum Consulting and a management consultant in the legal sector (after a lifetime of owning and running law firms and the teams within them) will consolidate the learning garnered from the day’s speakers and will open up a Q&A discussion panel.

If you are a Managing Partner, CEO, Partner, COLP, COFA, Finance Director or team leader, this event has something to help you to improve the success, stability, and profitability of your law firm.

To reserve your place, please email [email protected]

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