Free2Convey launches on 5th February 2016 and announces partnership with the Safe Move Scheme

Free2Convey, the UK’s first free conveyancing portal, is hosting a prestigious launch party at the Gherkin, London, to celebrate its launch following a successful trial period. The launch party will also reveal Free2Convey’s partnership with the Safe Move Scheme which adds new anti-fraud tools and additional secure messaging to Free2Convey’s Chain View, Deal Room and Law Firm Verification features which will protect law firms and their customers from cyber and other criminal attacks. DCI Jason Tunn, Head of the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit will be attending the launch and giving a brief address on cybercrime.

Free2Convey is backed by the main suppliers of software to law firms in the UK, meaning that the Free2Convey functionality will be available to clients of these firms embedded within existing case management systems, thus avoiding any rekeying of data or logging in to separate systems in order to view conveyancing chains.

From 5th February users will be able to utilise Free2Convey to create and invite other parties to a chain, accept invitations to join a chain, view chains that they are part of and share documents through the Virtual Deal Room.

Free2Convey uses Land Registry’s Business Gateway and collaborates with the Land Registry and The Council for Licenced Conveyancers and will integrate at or shortly after launch with Case Management System early adopters the Osprey Legal Cloud, Eclipse Legal Systems, LexisNexis Visualfiles, Norwel, Ochresoft, Redbrick and Select Legal Systems.

Free2Convey would like to acknowledge and thank the many LSSA member firms who have and continue to assist in its development. Their efforts and commitment to integration are fundamental to the success of this initiative.

For law firms who do not currently have a Case Management System or whose existing system is not listed above it is possible to use Free2Convey at by manually creating and viewing chains directly through the site.

Law firms may register an interest in the service or contact Free2Convey through the website or via their existing case management supplier.

Major features of Free2Convey include:

  • Conveyancing Chain View – a simple to use and real time overview of a conveyancing chain
  • Online Virtual Deal Room – any involved party can upload and view/work on a document collaboratively
  • Law Firm Verification -see all details for each law firm in a chain that have been integrated via validated datasets
  • Integration with the Safe Move Scheme
  • Integration with Lawyer Checker
  • Integration with Land Registry

Soon to be included in Free2Convey is a Secure Email provision to assist in fraud prevention and cyber-crime.

The extended benefits that our partnership with the Safe Move Scheme offers make it much easier for conveyancers to keep sensitive conveyancing data secure and protect firms and consumers from loss caused by criminals.

The Safe Move Scheme has been created by BE Consultancy with input from conveyancers, lenders, mortgage brokers and crime prevention agencies to prevent cyber and other types of property transaction crime. As such BE Consultancy has significant expertise in preventing property fraud.

New City of London Police figures, collated from across England and Wales, show that the period between July 2013 and July 2014 saw an average of 1 case reported every 2 months where a buyer’s deposit money was stolen, however in September 2015 (the last month in the latest data set) there were 9 reported cases, representing an 1800% increase. The average loss from buyer deposit redirection fraud is £112,310 and the total losses add up to £10,220,275 from 91 reported cases.

Ed Powell, of BE Consultancy the founders of the Safe Move Scheme said: “We are delighted to be partnered with Free2Convey as our solutions fit perfectly together. Free2Convey has successfully accomplished their fresh dynamic vision, whilst the Safe Move Scheme enhances this by providing fraud prevention tools and an additional secure messaging system called Safe Send. Plugging Safe Send in to Free2Convey allows Safe Send messaging to be accessed easily by conveyancing lawyers to keep sensitive information secure.”

Safe Send enhances service delivery by giving customers instant access to all their property transaction messages and attachments in one convenient place.

Safe Send increases reputational integrity to industry professionals by enhancing their information security policy.

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