Free2Convey announce partnership with Lawyer Checker

This month the industry will experience the launch of a complete, secure, transparent and most significantly, free portal for all conveyancers to use.

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) backed launch of Free2Convey is set to offer a portal we all know that the industry needs and wants.

Currently in Beta testing, it is set for a soft launch with a pilot starting on 15th October 2015, the system has an easy to view and updated live overview of the ‘Conveyancing Chain View’ – a stage by stage transparent guide to where each member of the chain is at, offering clear visibility to all parties involved.

Freely available to all parties in a chain, regardless of the software package being used, the system also offers enhanced due diligence and risk management capabilities through the successful integration of Lawyer Checker into its own API, so that this can seamlessly embed into a firm’s current case management system.

What are the benefits?

  • Online Virtual Deal Room where parties can upload documents and collaboratively work on material.
  • Easy and accessible to use – all work is performed in Microsoft Word with a facility to track and approve or reject the changes.
  • Party Verification – users can see details for each party in the chain.
  • Lawyer Checker integration – securely check the bank account details of the firm that money will be transferred to and receive a result for your matter file within 4 working hours.
  • Backers LSSA collectively provides software to around 90% of law firms in the UK – they therefore have a wealth of experience in supplying this type of service.
  • It is free and always will be.

Two years ago, it was established within the market that there was a definite need for more transparency and better communication for all parties.

LSSA Chair – Matt Lancaster comments on this exciting new launch:

“Free2Convey was developed to meet a requirement in the market for an online conveyancing portal that will allow all parties in a chain to be able to have full sight of the entire chain and where each party is at in it.

“In addition Free2Convey also includes a secure online Deal Room for collaboration by multiple parties on a document, and forms a trusted e-community to assist law firms in their due diligence checks when working with other law firms in a Chain.

“Free2Convey will assist law firms and associated parties (such as lenders, agents and clients) with the progression of a conveyance in a modern, secure and efficient manner.

“A prime consideration when developing Free2Convey was to look at any reasons that a law firm may not wish to use the service and to then remove these.”

Talking about how the portal is non exclusive and is there for all, Lancaster continues:

“To ensure maximum uptake Free2Convey is as the name suggests an entirely free to use service and is backed by the LSSA and its member firms. This means that Free2Convey will integrate with any law firms existing Case Management System to work as efficiently as possible and for minimum disruption and will cost nothing to use.

“The LSSA as an association that represents legal software suppliers and each of its members obviously advocate the use of technology in law firms. It is the LSSA’s role to ensure that technology, the effect that this has on the development of improved business processes and the ongoing benefit of this to law firms is available to these firms.

“As an association that represents the majority of legal software suppliers in the UK, we are in the fortunate position to be able to work collaboratively to this end.”

In the second decade of the 21st century it is now paramount for firms to be dealing with matters effectively, efficiently, safely and securely. Conveyancers are expected to be more and more vigilant and aware; clients, the industry and the courts have higher expectations these days Free2Convey offers the perfect solution to help conveyancers create their own trusted community that is available to all in a clear transparent way without costing a penny!

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