Free guide to preservation surveys

National trade body, The Property Care Association (PCA) has produced a free guide to provide an insight into what preservation surveys entail.

The PCA represents the building preservation industry, and specialises in structural maintenance, waterproofing, damp-proofing, timber preservation and invasive weed control.

Preservation surveys investigate signs of dampness, timber decay and insect infestation in properties.

They are often requested as part of a pre-purchase survey, or when a property occupier suspects there may be a specific problem.

The PCA guide gives an overview of the survey process, and discusses what homeowners can do to minimise the risk of defects occurring.

The white paper, entitled ‘Preservation Surveys — A Background,’ is available to view here.

Steve Hodgson, chief executive of the PCA, said: “The preservation survey is a thorough procedure, which looks at all aspects of a property.

“If a preservation surveyor is appointed to identify a specific problem, once the existence and extent of the issue has been established, the main priority must be to focus on its cause.

“In cases of wet and dry rot, as well as many cases of insect infestation, the source of the problem is generally excess moisture.

“Broken roof tiles, blocked gutters and leaking water pipes, as well as poor ventilation of timber surfaces, can all be sources of excess moisture and basic property maintenance is often all that is needed to dry out the affected area.

“For a pre-purchase situation, the survey can unearth a wide-range of potential problems, giving buyers peace of mind about their property purchase before contracts are signed.”

The PCA is a member of Trustmark, the Government-backed scheme which aims to help consumers find reliable and trustworthy tradesmen when making improvements or repairs to their homes.

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