FormEvo announces release of Law Society property forms

New entrant to the electronic legal forms market, FormEvo has become the latest legal software supplier to gain approval to supply the Law Society’s legal forms. FormEvo is a new product developed by the team from who brought the first Stamp Duty Land Tax online return solution to the legal profession. The first range of Law Society forms to be included in FormEvo’s existing forms library are the main CON29 property search forms and the TA transaction forms used by conveyancers.

FormEvo’s Managing Director, Archie Courage, said: “We are pleased to be able to include the Law Society’s forms in our new online legal forms solution. Until now there were only four providers which meant less choice for law firms when looking for a legal forms solution. Now law firms and case management providers have greater choice.

“Being experts in e-submission technology, we have built into FormEvo the flexibility to offer users a choice to “print and post” or “e-submit”. This means that FormEvo is well placed for when the CON29 is ready for e-submission – it’s evolutionary.”

FormEvo already has a wide range of property related legal forms and will continue to add more Law Society forms over the coming months. As FormEvo is cloud based, new forms are instantly accessible to all subscribers at no extra cost (other than the Law Society’s own fees).

FormEvo is based on a “Forms on Demand” (pay-as-you-go) model or the choice of annual subscription. Forms on Demand means that access to the full library of forms is completely free (with annual subscription, firms still get access to the full library). Following the same proven business model as where SDLT returns are charged to the client as a disbursement, means that a law practice using FormEvo incurs no cost for their legal form requirements! Now that’s a (r)evolution in the legal forms market!

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