Former conveyancer denied access back into profession

An ex-conveyancer has been refused a route back into the profession following half a decade of sanctions.

In an application made to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, Shane Zeb Khattak requested the revocation of an order from 2012 which stopped him working for a law firm without permission.

Whilst he has impressed possible employers, they had been reluctant to apply for permission to employ him in light of the impact it could have on their indemnity insurance premiums.

Still determined to pursue a career as a solicitor, Khattak applied for himself, contesting that he had been rehabilitated over the past five years and that the public no longer needed protection from him.

However, the tribunal refused his application. As well as finding that he lacked the experience required, it also found that there was a shortage of evidence to support his claim that the public would be properly protected should he return. This was particularly significant given that application spanned beyond employment in a law firm alone.

During the tribunal, Khattak’s previous actions were highlighted, included his part in transactions which bore the hallmarks of mortgage fraud. It was also heard that he had acted in transactions which involved funds being transferred to the solicitor of a fake seller.

Seeking the removal of order which was preventing him from finding work, Khattak drew attention to the fact that there were no allegations of dishonesty, nor had he been convicted of any criminal offences. He told the tribunal that he had part of a ‘factory conveyancing’ system at his previous workplace, and had not been in control of the firm’s accounts or finances.

In conclusion, the tribunal ruled that if Khattak were to have the order revoked, he would need to complete a period where work was both managed and closely supervised.

He was ordered to pay £500 towards the Solicitors Regulation Authority costs.

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