Former CEO of Countrywide launches online conveyancing service

In-Deed, an online residential conveyancing service, has been founded by Harry Hill, the former CEO of Countrywide and founder of Rightmove. For 20 years Harry stood at the helm of Countrywide and saw first hand the stresses that the conveyancing process brought for his customers. Convinced that there was a better way he went on to found In-Deed in 2010, with the aim of creating a service that would transform the market.
Harry says:
“Buying and selling a home in the UK is always stressful. Feudal methods of property transfer still apply unfortunately, and in the last five years increased price competition to secure a shrinking market has driven service standards in conveyancing that are unacceptable in many cases. The consumer is left in the dark about one of the most important transactions in their life. It’s time for a new script."
Harry is working hard to promote the services of In-Deed and has a contract with the Daily Mail Trust Group enabling them to advertise on property portals such as:
– Find a Property
– Smart New Homes; and
– Globrix
In-Deed’s Director of Panel Management, Julie Williams, is an experienced conveyancing and legal panel specialist who, for five years, headed up the Conveyancing panel for Countrywide. Julie and Chris have come up with a rigorous selection procedure which allows In-Deed to work with the best Conveyancers in the industry.
Commenting further Harry says:
"We can’t change the UK legal system. What we can do is continue to work with some of the best people in the industry to bring conveyancing up to date. Our use of modern technologies simplifies the process and gives consumers more control over their property transaction at a time when they need all the help they can get.”
Harry does appear to have a knack of knowing exactly what to do having bought the former Nationwide chain of estate agents for just £1.00 during the last recession, building up a chain of around 750 estate agencies across Britain.
Harry comments:
“I’m not very good at being second or third. Together with a team I built Countrywide from a small estate agency group to the largest of its type in the world, and developed Rightmove which, now valued at upwards of £1bn, is best in class. Similarly, I believe In-Deed will dominate the conveyancing market and set service standards for others to aspire to.”
In-Deed have already gained celebrity support with TV property guru, Phil Spencer, think Location, Location, Location, advocating the new initiative. Chris Harris, Editor of Today’s Conveyancer, has been providing, and continues to provide consultancy services to In-Deed.
The team behind In-Deed have ambitions to take the online conveyancing market by storm and plan to become the market leader within 3 years.
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