Fitzalan Partners launch legal comparison site.

London based law firm Fitzalan Partners have today launched “The Solicitor Parter” which they say is a brand new type of comparison site for the legal sector.

Residential property is the first area that Fitzalan Partners have set their gaze upon, with end-users able to filter firms by location, ratings and promotions.

Fitzalan Partners believe comparison sites will become a key source of business for the legal industry, with their new site hoping to provide conveyancers with a new audience and either qualified leads or deposit secured confirmed instructions with a standard set of disbursement fees.

They also believe it will enable Solicitors to be more competitive by enabling them to compare themselves to others in the marketplace.

About the launch, Richard Rickwood, MD at Fitzalan Partners, said: “I am thrilled to bring this exciting new prospect to the conveyancing industry. I look forward to working with solicitor firms from around England and Wales who would like to be featured on The Solicitor Finder. At Fitzalan Partners we are continuing to lead the way in providing access to online clients for law firms and this is another step in this direction.”

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