Conveyancers To Launch Bespoke Client Mobile App

A northern legal firm has claimed that they are the first law firm to launch a bespoke mobile conveyancing app for their residential property clients in England and Wales.

The app, which has been designed for their clients, allows vendors and buyers to access key documents and information on their transaction and check on progress 24/7 by linking via the firm’s internal systems.

It also gives the opportunity for conveyancers to send letters and messages instantly and enables clients to electronically sign and return any documents.

Tom Parkinson Director and Head of Property commented:

“We listen to our clients and are therefore investing a significant amount of resource to improve the conveyancing process for them. The launch of our app will help with communication and updates, but also has the potential to significantly speed up transactions as key documents can now be signed and returned in minutes.

“We now live in a “mobile first” world and our clients want to be able to access information when they choose to, which is often not during traditional working hours.”

The tailored app will be rolled out to all of Rowlinsons’ clients to use if they wish at no extra cost. A link will be sent to their clients for them to download the app to either an Apple or Android mobile device. The app gives a full view of the conveyancing process and explains what will happen at each stage of their transaction, sending instant alerts when there is an update or a document is received.

Laura Taylor, who recently joined the board of Directors and oversees IT for the firm added:

“This is a key initiative for the firm in 2020 and we believe our clients will benefit from improved accessibility and transparency during their move. As a practice we also take our risk management responsibilities very seriously and our new app will offer a more secure communication method than email or post.

“The feedback so far from clients has been great and we’ve had a complete mix of people using the app, from first time buyers through to seasoned investors.”


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    Ummmm … Guess you might want to fact check this story. MyHomeMove released their iWay app YEARS ago and without blowing our own trumpet …so did The Partnership!

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    Well done Rowlinsons on the coming of age and providing something for their clients to use which helps them experience their journey in real time, and for free.

    My only reservation is that this app is great for seeing what is happening with your solicitor, but how does it plus in to the other 4 key parties involved in each transaction?
    – Estate agent,
    – other solicitors
    – mortgage advisor
    – vendor

    The only real solution will be where everyone can see everything that everyone is doing, or not doing.

    Transparency is the key, too many legal firms aren’t willing to be involved as it will highlight their short comings.

    At least it looks like we’re moving forward.

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    This is great, although Simply Conveyancing have had this exact thing for years. Clients and agents love our app, and find it adds that little bit extra to the client experience – I am sure that you will find the same thing

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    Estate Agent Today ran this story on Friday, to much hilarity from its readers in the comments section and so it’s a shame an online news site of this caliber is publishing click-bait/fake news, such as this.

    The ‘First Conveyancers To Launch Bespoke Client Mobile App’, this isn’t even in the top 20!!

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    I work for a firm in the South West which offers a similar conveyancing app and has done so for over a year.

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    This is great, although Simply Conveyancing have had an app exactly like this for years now. Clients and agents love our app, and find it adds that bit extra to the client experience – I am sure that you will find the same

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