Firm reveal location of office move

Goldsmith Williams has recently announced it will be moving to a new location in Chapel Street.

Currently based in the city centre’s historic Mersey Chambers, the move will be a big change for the growing practice of 165 staff,  who will be relocating to a much more modern setting.

20 Chapel Street is a state of the art custom office space, enabling the firm to retain its strong presence in Liverpool, whilst simultaneously allowing it to grow as a firm and enhance its position – this time within the commercial district.

The new contemporary surroundings will also mirror the firm’s modern approach to providing client services. Having redeveloped its online systems over the past year, the firm has also introduced a Goldsmith Williams app, enabling them to deliver one of the most innovative customer experiences within the sector.

Speaking to Today’s Conveyancer, Eddie Goldsmith commented on the firm’s move. Partner at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors, he commented on the growing modernity of the firm as well as mentioning that the new environment will reflect and enhance their up-to-date approach.

“Goldsmith Williams has always prided itself in providing the most efficient, tech-savvy processes for our B2B and B2C clients alike. We are a modern practice, as I believe we have clearly demonstrated through our innovative, paperless and constantly accessible legal case management system GWlive.

“Our current setting, however, doesn’t reflect our drive to be continually moving forward as industry leaders, service- and process-wise. Mersey Chambers has been a beautiful, historic home to us for many years and we will be sad to say goodbye, but it is time for the firm to move on and into a state-of-the-art 21st century space.

“Our new office in the heart of the Liverpool commercial district will be custom-designed to suit all our specific needs as a growing firm.  The premium facilities 20 Chapel Street offers will, of course, be utilised greatly by our very progressive teams, especially our talented IT staff, who are working continuously to keep our technological services at the cutting edge, such as through our client app and fully-responsive websites. We have also expanded our marketing team recently to ensure the firm has the capacity to embrace social media and digital communications. We are experimenting more with video and advertising online. The telesales team is growing as we explore new avenues of work. Meanwhile, many of our staff members are working on an agile basis, flexing between the office and home. Indeed, one staff member even alternates between Liverpool and a different continent! Our ways of working are very, very modern, especially for a law firm. Our new office will complement and enhance that.

In regards to the upcoming year, Mr Goldsmith highlighted that the firm will continue to develop its use of technology whilst keeping client services at the top of the firm’s priority list.

“Over the next year, I expect Goldsmith Williams will strive to adapt even slicker, streamlined processes – cutting out as much paper as possible, really embracing mobile technologies; putting a positive, personalised face behind the services we offer and heavily mentoring and inspiring our staff to ‘think forward’.

“This is an exciting time for us as a firm. Indeed, this is perhaps the most exciting time in our 30-year history. I look forward to making some more big announcements in coming months. In the meantime, anyone is welcome to get in touch should they have any questions.”

Also commenting on the move was the firms’ Director of Operations, Adele Whittle. She mentioned that given the steady growth of the firm, the relocation to a more modern space was a natural progression.

“Goldsmith Williams began as two modest offices, in the city and Wirral, more than 30 years ago. After considerable growth, we then moved to our much-loved Mersey Chambers, which has been the firm’s home for 15 years now, and of course, we will all be a little sad to say goodbye.

“But it is only logical that we now progress into a more modern, 21st century space in the heart of Liverpool’s commercial district. Our contemporary work practices – we are one of the only legal firms in the country to really embrace agile working – and innovative, technology-driven services, demand it.

“It is a delight to announce this exciting news and we look forward to welcoming our loyal clients to our new space soon.”

Over the next few months, the firm will gradually relocate its staff to the Chapel Street office.

During this period, business will continue as usual.

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