Fake Land Registry emails contain malware

A number of emails hiding a piece of malware have been circulating, purporting to come from the Land Registry.

The emails inform recipients that some fees will be collected by the Land Registry from their accounts.

They have been reported to include the following wording: “This is notification that Land Registry will debit 202.00 GBP from your nominated account on or as soon as possible before 10/09/2013. Details of fees that we shall be collecting by direct debit for the applications charged are now available to view.

“You can access these by opening attached report. If you have an enquiry relating to your VDD account please contact Customer Support at [email protected]i.gov.uk or call on 0844 892 1111. For all enquiries, please quote your key number.”

The attachment hides a piece of malware. Anyone who receives malicious emails is advised to forward them to [email protected]

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