Estate Agent Guilty Of Conveyancing Fraud

Claire Louise Ainsworth has been found guilty of conveyancing fraud, whilst she worked for an online estate agent.

Ms Ainsworth, pocketed £5,000 after agreeing a housing deal between a seller and a buyer. She told both parties different prices and pocketed the difference.

Ms Ainsworth, pleaded not guilty to one count of fraud by false representation, but was convicted in her absence by Blackburn Magistrates, who sent her on bail to Burnley Crown Court to await sentencing.

Her defence lawyer, applied for the case to be re-opened and the conviction set aside, as he told the court, his client was unable to attend due to being in hospital with her child who had suddenly become ill.

Andy Robinson, who was prosecuting the case, outlined how Ms Ainsworth had committed the fraud, and said:

“She retained the £5,000 and that is the fraud.”

The sentencing will take place on 24th February 2020.

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