Environmental Search Report Specialist Announces Product Improvements

Groundsure, a leading environmental search report specialist involved in over half of the UK’s residential property transactions, has today announced that it is revolutionising its residential product portfolio with exciting changes to the popular Avista, Homebuyers and Homescreen reports from 1st July 2021.

The enhanced reports will include information from analysis of more than 110 million data points, as well as extensive expert advice and recommendations giving clients peace of mind that data is accurate, in-depth and accountable.

These product improvements are a result of in depth market research via qualitative and quantitative surveys, focus groups and research panels. Every change was assessed and approved by a panel of conveyancers.

The Avista report will now include a full mining search incorporating, where applicable, a CON29M, non coal mining (covering tin, chalk, limestone and all other minerals) and a Cheshire Salt Search – as standard. The Homebuyers report has been updated to include full planning, energy and transportation searches, with Homescreen offering a full flood search compliant with guidance from the Law Society.

The new look reports include everything that was available previously, but with more to aid in due diligence, risk assessment and case management. These changes will result in even more market leading intelligence based on a specific property’s location that filters results according to the needs of the purchaser.

Dan Montagnani, CEO at Groundsure, said:

“In our twentieth year I am hugely excited that we are launching the first of a series of major product upgrades that will bring to the market significant enhancements that will help conveyancers, homebuyers and everybody else in the home buying process. Most significantly we are expanding the risks covered in our products and making them more complete assessments of all things geospatial, environmental risk and reducing the requirement for secondary or additional searches.

“Specifically we understand how risks flagged in searches can cause frustrating delays and additional work for conveyancers. That is why in our Avista product we are introducing a new dynamic presentation of risk that will make things simpler, easier and faster for conveyancers, highlighting material issues and ensuring less material things that are more of general interest are treated accordingly. We will be running a series of webinars throughout June and beyond, to help customers learn more about these changes and ask any questions.”

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