Environmental search prices increase

Landmark has put up its prices from the 4th January so we are sorry we are a bit lapse in reporting this as quickly as we would have liked but hopefully better late than never.
The price changes published on the One Search Direct website show the following price increases but we understand from other resellers of Landmark searches that these are reflected in the pricing of other search providers costs.
Product Old Price New Price
Envirosearch Residential                              £52.44 £55.20
Plansearch Residential £27.60 £28.80
Envirosearch Residential + Plansearch          £76.80             £80.76
Homecheck Pro                                           £45.24 £48.00
Plansearch Plus                                           £36.00 £37.20
Plansearch Plus/Homecheck                         £76.80 £80.76
Plansearch/Homecheck £69.60 £73.56
Plansearch Plus/Enviro Residential                £84.00 £87.96
Homecheck Flood  £22.80 £24.00

Homecheck Pro & Indemnity Insurance          £80.40 £83.16

 (up to 0.5 acre) 

Enviro Indemnity Insurance (up to 0.5 acre)    £50.00 No change
HCP Ground Stability                                   £22.80 £24.00
Sitecheck Assess                                     £178.80 (from) £198.00 (from)
Sitecheck Planning                                    £132 (from) £138 (from)
Sitecheck Data £132 (from)      £138 (from)
Sitecheck Review                                      £274.80 (from) £294.00 (from)
Sitecheck Flood                                         £120 (from) £126 (from)
David Callcott, Finance Director of Landmark Information Group, comments:
“As part of our continued commitment to offering our customers a superior service and the highest quality solutions in the market, we continue to invest significant funds and resources into developing and improving existing products as well as creating innovative new services. As a company we will continue to absorb as many of these costs as possible rather than passing them on to our customers, however given the current level of inflation, it has been necessary to increase the prices of some of our services in 2012.
Landmark fully maintains its commitment to keeping prices as low as possible for our customers and ensuring that our prices remain competitive.”
A spokesperson from Groundsure said: “GroundSure currently has no plans to increase prices and maintains its commitment to clients to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive rates in the market. We last undertook a minor price review in September 2011, at which time we had enhanced some of our core products with additional data.”
The Law Society has issued a warning card on environmental risk and it is one of the searches that over the past decade has become routine for most conveyancers.
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