Entrepreneurial Proptech Firm Launches AI Property Portal

Proptech firm, One and Only Pro, which helps property investors identify properties with high yield and/or high capital growth potential, has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered property investment portal.

One and Only Pro’s history began with carrying out private client work for foreign investors who wanted simple facts about potential property deals. Originally the analysis used was all done manually which was found to be very time-consuming but eventually as the business grew they developed software to make jobs faster and a lot more accurate.

Over time, they developed algorithms which predicted price rises which is where One and Only Pro was born. The new portal claims to save investors, lenders and mortgage brokers time by using mathematical analysis which breaks down into an easy to understand scoring system – allowing them to identify the very best deals in the property marketplace.

From a touch of a button, the portal will show the most likely properties to increase in value and determines precise potential yields. The website features thousands of properties for sale which users can compare using an array of pioneering AI-powered features.

Henri Sant-Cassia, Prop-Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive of One and Only Pro said:

“The system accounts for both macro level events like rate rises and local intelligence to accurately predict which properties are most likely to rise in value.

“Our data analysts and researchers meticulously check the true rental yield of properties throughout England and Wales. They look for the actual rents being achieved in the area for comparable properties and also take into account market trends, so investors can price their rentals with the most up to date returns available.”

Henri talks about predictions for the property sector in 2019 saying

“we do, and in fact we have predictions for specific properties rather than useless general crystal ball gazing. That’s the beauty of the One & Only system.”

He continues by saying that the new system is also long term and we know that in 5 to 10 years’ time

“we will be happy we bought property and continued to purchase property. Inflation alone means property prices will always increase. The market could go down 1% or up 1% but we are not phased by this.”

Earlier this year the Solicitors Regulation Authority published a report which gives an interesting overview of how technology (and AI) can help modernise and drive innovation within the legal sector.

Those who require legal services need better access to affordable services. This barrier puts pressure on the sector to find ways of reducing costs for people to seek professional advice without breaking the bank.

New technologies in the market seek to remedy this by helping law firms meet the needs of the consumer by reducing cost and assisting people who require information.

Now more and more legal firms are using technology to give a better service to their clients to keep up with demand.

One of those meeting the demands of their clients by using innovative software is Simply Conveyancing, who last month was the first conveyancing firm in legal history to integrate with virtual personal assistant, Alexa, into their system.

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