Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – Wednesday May 13


Yesterday evening, I saw that the Housing Secretary was set to re-open the housing market. I was somewhat surprised especially as the indications on Monday had been that agents would not be able to reopen until the beginning of June. But there it was – on the ten o’clock news, and on the BBC news website – the market was to reopen. I steeled myself – it was going to be busy on Wednesday morning .

Up, bright and early – ready for the day ahead. But surprisingly, it was not busy – I had anticipated that the chains which had been trying to break free would not be released but no! In fact, by eleven o’clock, I had been told by three clients that they had decided not to proceed. This was due to the second announcement that the country was facing a significant recession, and that house prices would drop. So a glimmer of hope and a light shining only to be extinguished in the next breath.

When the guidance on house moving was released, it was interesting – it has been divided up into different sections of the market – surveyors, estate agents, conveyancers, removal companies – with guidance as to how all of those different sectors can resume work safely. It provides guidance as to how houses are to be marketed and how viewings are to be carried out and this has been done to kick start the market and get people focussed on moving house.

Being in lockdown, working from home for eight weeks, home schooling – all could have led to people wanting larger homes; but on the flipside, what if there is a recession and prices drop and jobs are lost? What a difficult time. And frustratingly, my parents (who I have not seen for many weeks) can put their house on the market and have random strangers walk around their home, whereas I cannot visit them, even if I am socially distancing myself! I may need to retrain as an estate agent and ask them to put their house on the market just so that I can go and visit them!

All that counts in life is intention

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