Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – Wednesday April 1


Today was the quietest day I have known for years. It took me back to the time of the crash in 2007 .

The telephone hardly rang and I had to call myself just to be sure that the line was actually working. I had one completion – the sale of an empty property – all done and dusted by eleven. I then panicked because I could not get hold of the estate agents to authorise the release of keys so had to ask my client to help but we finally got key release and a successful completion. I think that may be my last completion for some time. I have a sale of an empty property which could potentially complete on Friday if the buyers’ solicitor manages to get the mortgage monies released, so I am all signed and ready but have told my client that I cannot guarantee it will happen.

I did have a long chat with some clients today – they are second in a chain of five, and the empty property at the top of the chain is a new build house. The builders want to exchange with a long stop completion date probably in July. I was not at all happy with that prospect for all manner of reasons… what if the developers don’t complete the house, what if mortgage offers are withdrawn, what if this situation lasts longer and removal companies are still not working. I know that we can add an extra clause to the contract which could cover such possibilities but I do not want to put my clients in that position; it is better that they don’t exchange and wonder about moving, rather than exchange and worry about moving.

So a very quiet day – and I only see quieter days to come, and in the words of Lemony Snicket – The world is quiet here

This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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