Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – Tuesday April 21


So following on from yesterday, I was thinking about what will happen when the restricted movement restrictions are lifted.

I have always marvelled (although that is probably not the word I want to use but it sums up my thoughts!) at how many organisations are involved in the house moving process. And there at the front line, on completion day, we have the removal men. We all know what it is like to sit in our offices, moving money around and then calling the client to tell them that they can move, and calling the estate agent to say that the completion monies have been received and they can release the keys. But it is easy for us conveyancers.

Some years ago, my friend was moving house and I had to go to her house on the morning of completion to get a document signed. I was astounded to see the removal men loading the wagon, her mother hoovering, her husband making tea, and my friend standing there, looking in control and organising everyone. You could feel the tension in the air. They had to be out of their home (that is what it still was until they closed the front door for the last time) by one o’clock and hopefully, all being well, and provided I got back to my office safely, they would be picking up the keys to their new home. It struck me how easy my job was on a physical basis in relation to moving furniture. And removal companies do not get the credit they deserve. If we, or someone in our chain is late in moving money, if someone has forgotten to order the mortgage monies to be released on time, then we can sit at our desk and make phone calls, stressing about when the monies will be transferred, but we are not sitting in a removal lorry, waiting to unload the furniture (which will still take a few hours) and hopefully see our children before bed time. And as soon as the restricted movement measures are lifted, then we will expect the removal men to help us in getting our clients moved.

Just remember that they cannot observe social distancing when moving a washing machine. They cannot avoid touching door handles and your  clients’ belongings. They are putting themselves and our clients at risk by helping our clients move and we need to remember this when we next tell our clients to check with their removal companies that they can move as soon as lockdown is lifted.

The strongest of all warriors are these two  – Time and Patience   (Leo Tolstoy)

This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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