Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – Thursday April 30


So today was like all the other days as they all merge into the same – I am just thankful that I can come to my office. And then it is interesting when you have a client, selling an empty property, who thinks it is acceptable to impose a deadline. I do not like deadlines at the best of times – I always say ‘deadlines are there to be broken’, and once you have passed a deadline, you lose your negotiating position. This can be a difficult concept/idea for clients to grasp – they want to move house, and they want you, the conveyancer, to make their house move happen. It is about educating clients and making them understand that not even the conveyancer is in charge of the process. We are dependent on so many others and people always have their own agendas. I think it is important to get as much information about your own client early in the transaction by engaging with them – try and find out why they want to move house – if you do that early on and learn a little about them, then it is easier to manage things as the transaction proceeds. We all know that there are those clients who just wait for things to happen and are happy to be guided by us, but we also all know that there are those who want to google everything about house moves, send us the links to things that affect their transaction which they think we may not know and push and push and push….. and then impose a deadline. That deadline is not met and the client has to make that tough decision as to whether or not to proceed. The thing is that all conveyancers know that deadlines are there to be broken and it takes a particular type of client to stick with that deadline and pull out of the transaction….

Any fool can know – the point is to understand

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