Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer: Monday April 27


I had two successful completions on Friday – but they were interesting in that how I expected them to proceed was not how they happened.

One couple were buying an empty property. The seller had moved out about two weeks ago so we knew that there would be no issue with completing safely. All of the monies were ready by close of business on Thursday and all searches were done. I spoke with someone in the firm acting for the seller to check the bank account details early on Friday morning, and we agreed (as is often the case) that I would send the monies to be held strictly to my order pending completion. After three phone calls to their office, I finally heard at about quarter to one that they were ready to exchange and complete, notwithstanding that the funds had left my account by half past nine.

It seems that everyone is working very hard remotely but it does create challenges for firms. Phone calls – should the fee earner give a mobile number? Documents – we have to have confirmation that the seller’s solicitor holds the signed Transfer deed. And it is not for the buyers’ solicitor to get involved in how the accounts department of the sellers’ solicitor tells the fee earner that monies have been received, so we just have to wait.

And remember that while we are waiting and getting on with other work, the client is waiting for a phone call to collect the keys and cannot put his or her mind to anything else. It is their only thought – when can I get the keys? It is important to remember this at all times, not just now. The clients are purely focused on keys – we meanwhile have other things we can do while we wait. For the client, it is like a child waiting for Father Christmas …..

A watched pot never boils

The article is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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    It is so true that the client is on tenterhooks waiting for that call to say they can have their keys. How many completion days are spent taking calls from the client desperate to hear those words, “You can pick up your keys now it’s all completed”. In fact, I think they may be my favourite words on completion day. The happiness in the client’s voice is uplifting.

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