Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – Monday April 6


It is interesting to find that as the world seems to slow down and house moves grind to a halt, there are still those who are keen to move and are willing to risk the consequences of not completing.

Faced with this proposition, the only way I would agree to allow my client to move was to exchange and complete simultaneously – something I hate doing at the best of times as it leads to such uncertainty. Uncertainty for the client but also uncertainty for me.

I like to know who is moving house on any given day so that I can plan my work around it. There is always so much to organise to make sure that clients move house – and the longer you have done the job, the more like second nature it becomes. But we have to be organised and now more than ever, we need to make sure that we have the signed documents and that they are the original documents.

Clients are always surprised to find that I insist on the original ‘wet ink’ signature on the documents, but I explain it is because they are deeds and have to have original signatures. It can be quite a challenge to get the signed documents to the other solicitor in this present world as so many people are working from home. I had one solicitor last week who asked me to send the Transfer deed on completion to his home address. When I have sent documents to clients, they have asked me whether they need to return them to my office or home – always office for me – I don’t really want clients knowing where I live!

It’s worth the time and energy to get organised now to save time and energy later

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