Diary Of A Highstreet Conveyancer – 16th – 17th April


The week after Easter is usually really busy – but in this new way of working, it is becoming like any other week.

But remember it is an opportunity to catch up on other things. We all have those little jobs in the office that we need to do. After dealing with the emails and the work for the day, think about other things that you can do which will then help you when the world reopens for business. Clear out all those old course notes – most information is available on the internet now and if there are any notes which you think could be useful in the future, then why not scan them and open a separate digital folder to include them in. And that box with old pens and pencils in – clear it out. And the top drawer of your desk – you know the one which has your old driving licence, old elastic bands and assorted paperclips – clear it out! Doing such things, however trivial they may seem, will help in our daily work as they clear our brains, rather than being the things that we always mean to do. One of the things that the new way of living and working shows us is that things are beyond our control and the unexpected can happen – a year ago, who would have even thought we would now be in this position? Be positive – it is hard but we can and will get through this, and however insignificant a clean and tidy desk may seem now, it will help you to focus.

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind

Be led by the dreams in your heart


Oh for the good old days – the days when lots of people were moving and there was a real buzz in the office. I had one completion today which was the purchase of a new build house – it was all a bit odd – I sent the completion monies, had to wait for the builder’s solicitor to call me back from his home office, he then had to ask his colleagues in his office to confirm that they held a signed Transfer deed. We then completed, and he had to arrange for the Transfer deed to be sent from the firm’s office.

It is a reminder to us all that we have to remember the basic rules of conveyancing and in particular, the Code for Completion. Now is a good time to reread the Code if you are not sure, and remember that we can agree to amend the Undertakings on exchange, in relation to the sending of the contract, but the sellers ‘ solicitor must send an original/wet ink Transfer deed on completion.

And there were no chasing calls from the site office – because, guess what? The site office was closed. The site manager had to arrange to meet the buyers at the house and the keys were to be handed over in a bag – there was no snagging list because apparently this will be done once the restricted movement requirements are lifted and I pointed out to the buyers that I would want them to have their own surveyor with them at that time – just in case there were matters that needed to be rectified that were not cosmetic or noticeable to the buyers but were other defects.

And a thought for the weekend

Smile more – smiling can make you and others happy

This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous.

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